List of acronyms for experimental techniques

Photochemistry Database

ASP - Absorption spectroscopy
CDC - Circular dichroism
ELC - Electrochemistry (incuding photoelectrochemistry and photovoltaics)
ESR - Electron spin resonance
FP - Flash photolysis
FFP - Femtosecond
PFP - Picosecond
NFP - Nanosecond
MFP - Microsecond
FSP - Fluorescence spectroscopy
FWM - Four-wave mixing
HBS - Hole-burning spectroscopy
INRS - Infrared spectroscopy
LDC - Linear dichroism
LIF - Laser-induced fluorescence
MBS - Molecular beam spectroscopy
MCD - Magnetic circular dichroism
MSP - Mass spectroscopy
TOF-MSP - Time-of-flight mass spectroscopy
ODMR Optically detected magnetic resonance
PDA - Product analysis (by GC, HPLC, etc.)
PEPICO - Photoelectron-photoion coincidence
PES - Photoelectron spectroscopy
ZEKE - Zero electron kinetic energy-photoelectron spectroscopy
PSP - Phosphorescence spectroscopy
PRD - Pulse radiolysis
REMPI - Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization
RSP - Raman spectroscopy
SERS - Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
SFG - Sum-frequency generation
SFK - Stopped-flow kinetics
SHG - Second-harmonic generation
EFISH - Electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation
THG - Third-harmonic generation
XRD - X-ray diffraction
Other acronyms, such as NMR, EXAFS, XPS, and others, are used as in the literature.